The System

The RSA/Replogle Metering Pipe System has been specially developed to provide an accurate, economic and convenient solution for Water Districts to comply with the now passed SBx7-7 law.

Replogle Metering Pipe System

With an exclusive arrangement utilizing the McCrometer Reverse Propeller Flow Meter placed inside an HDPE pipe with proprietary flow conditioning and anti-fouling elements the RSA/Replogle Metering Pipe System will perform well within the specified accuracy requirements of the SBx7-7 law. Each scaled system is a 12 months of the year retrofit, uses a 5-year lithium battery totalizer and takes less than half a day to install.

According to Dr. John Replogle the RSA/Replogle Metering Pipe System is a superior solution to current measurement techniques. The system uses general measuring system elements, has a flow accuracy that far exceeds anything available today and provides convenient data collection and reporting simply with a monthly reading by a meter reader. Installation is accomplished in half a day with an ordinary construction crew.

Read Dr. Replogle’s White Paper
"No High-Tech Knowledge Required: The pipe and propeller flow measuring system can usually be attached to the existing canal head gate and pipeline system... This attachment and field installation required ordinary construction skills."
John Replogle
Hydrolic Engineer & Inventor
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