RSA Environmental in AgAlert

In a special Irrigation issue of the weekly newspaper of California agriculture, AgAlert, RSA Environmental posts a major advertisement for the RSA/Replogle Metering Pipe System.
RSA Environmental and Dr. John Replogle (inventor ofthe Replogle flume) have designed, fabricated, installed and tested (at Merced ID and Imperial ID) a new economical metering system that exceeds the State specifed requirements. This retrofit system can be installed 12 months of the year by a two person crew in a half day. The system can use a 5-year lithium battery or can be upgraded to transmit to headquarters and/or have an on-site totalizer display which stores the data for each irrigation to be accessed by the Farmer. No more guessing at how much water you receive. While the systems are not “one-size-fits-all”, they adhere to a design system that combines items from proven technologies for measuring flow rates from as low as 5 gpm to over 10,000 gpm in pipes ranging from 4″to 30″ in diameter. These proven technologies incorporate the McCrometer Reverse Propeller meter, some appurtenances to modify jets issuing from the control gates, and special weed-shedding varies to prevent propeller fouling. The system can be retrofitted onto most existing ñeld delivery outlets without having to change the existing outlet gates themselves. The meter indicates instantaneous rate and delivered volume. A dual system especially designed for rice harvesting (flood and maintenance flows) has also been developed. Currently RSA is working with Gary Serrato, General Manager of Fresno ID for their ñrst installation.
AgAlert is the weekly newspaper of the California Farm Bureau Federation, reaching Farm Bureau agricultural and collegiate members. Agricultural members are owners and decision makers on California farms and ranches.

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